The Mission


The project: I hope to raise enough money (profit from vehicle sales) to buy a used drill rig and send it to Africa or where needed to drill water wells. I have been corresponding with a registered charity in Ontario run by volunteers with a overhead under 5% “Lifewater.Ca” who do great work and are happy to assist me in my endeavour. Once the rig has landed I hope to then sponsor wells to be drilled. It still costs between $3000 to $6000 for a well to be completed. There is piping, hand pump, labour, fuel, maintenance, education, etc.

I hope to offer geological coordinates so purchasers/supporters of the projects will be able to “google earth” and see exactly where their well is or will be located, although we may need 3 to 6 supporters per well. If it is not feasible to purchase a drill ring and ship it to where it is needed, I will directly sponsor wells to be drilled or concentrate efforts in relieving suffering in developing countries.

Just imagine not only purchasing a vehicle you want or need, but also providing that kind of impact where your dollar works twice, supplying clean water to a community of approximately 500 people for 20 years or more. Not everybody can make that kind of donation, especially these days, but almost everybody has a vehicle.

I can also provide almost any type of vehicle given a little notice and exactly what the purchaser requires. Because it is a pre-purchase order I may be able to save you money as well being its in and out and I don’t have to sit on it paying interest etc. Two half loaves still make a loaf. All purchasers/supporters also receive a wall plaque of acknowledgement and appreciation of the wonderful gift they provided to people who need us the most. Here is you changing a little piece of our world for generations.

Water is Life.

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