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My name is Garry McDonald and I opened “Charity Auto Sales Inc. Penticton ” March 1st, 2011. I am usually private and reluctant in talking about what I have done or am doing in regards to charity. However I realize I have to be transparent running a charity used car lot and my intent is to inspire others by offering a unique way to help those in need.

In May 1991 I sponsored three children from developing countries and in 2002 I had ten sponsored children through three different organizations (charities). Presently I sponsor six while helping these charities with different projects. Click here to view pictures

Years ago when I had a large car lot, I thought of one day sponsoring 100 children through the support of vehicle sales.

On average a sale should sponsor a child for a year or two along with overhead expenses and a modest salary for myself.

Although sponsorship is more than providing education, nutrition and medical, it is the child knowing that someone half a world away cares about them, especially orphans. So sponsoring a large volume would be difficult if I had to discontinue for any reason being that sponsoring a child is approximately a 15 year commitment.

So I changed directions from sponsoring as many children as I can to working on bringing clean water to people suffering in developing countries. I have had a dealer’s license since 1982 almost 30 years. In 1993 I started Main Motors on Main Street Penticton where the new KFC is located.

It is amazing how things come your way when you have an objective that is good, helping others in need. When I first imagined going to work raising money to help others I was renting a sales lot on Main Street. Since then I have been blessed with the tools to do this work without having to draw a modest wage, or any wage at all.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to purchase the property where I am presently located, a small car lot of 15-20 vehicles. At the same location I have five other rental units. November 2010 I paid off my mortgage and the rental income from the six units including Charity Auto Sale at fair market rent allows me to now donate my time and 100% of the sales profit after operating expenses. Thanks to Jim Damberger of Canadian Areothermal, another blessing who just entered into a five year lease of the property, helps make the project possible.

Sales profit after operating expenses is all monies remaining after the cost and reconditioning of total vehicles sold and the basic costs to run the business such as rent, loan and bank interest on inventory, utilities, insurance, licences, fuel, advertising, taxes, etc.. No salaries or commissions are paid.

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